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Moorcroft Pottery

Run, Run as Fast as You Can Miniature Vase

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Run, Run as Fast as You Can Miniature Vase 102/2

Many people will remember the children’s story of the gingerbread man that escapes from the cook. She gave chase shaking her spoon at him and as he ran, he called out to her that she will never catch him…. ‘Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man’.

Many years ago, Moorcroft Pottery designer Nicola Slaney told this story to her three young daughters. Remembering this tale, Nicola has created a gingerbread person complete with candy cane stick, white trimmed red hat and green scarf – but its cheeky grin is perhaps the most eye-catching feature.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description

Run, Run as Fast as You Can miniature vase comes as an open edition.

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