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Frequently asked questions

  • I’ve seen a piece I like and I need it tomorrow. Can you help?

    I will always try! Our cut-off point for next-day shipping is usually around 4pm. Call me on 01451 820547.

  • Can I come and look at your gifts?

    We’d love you to! Bourton-on-the-Water is a great place to visit. Email or call me first to make sure we have your favourite things in stock.

  • Do you ship outside the UK?

    We regularly ship to America, Australia, Canada and the EU. We can ship elsewhere by request. Click here for full details.

  • What is ‘Old Moorcroft’?

    The finest pieces of Moorcroft pottery were made by William Moorcroft between 1896 and his death in 1945. His son Walter succeeded him, continuing and developing William’s designs. Moorcroft produced between 1896 and c.1960 has masterly tubelining and delicate, painterly qualities that make it much sought after by collectors.

  • What’s the difference between Moorcroft’s Limited, Numbered and Open editions?
    • A Limited edition is one of a pre-determined number of pieces. Once this number has sold out it will no longer be available. Each piece has its number stamped to the base (e.g. 3/30 means piece number three from a worldwide edition of thirty pieces.)
    • A Numbered edition is one which will be made for a certain period of time, usually around year. Once production ends, no more will be made. Each piece has a unique number to its base.
    • An Open edition can be produced for several years, and is not numbered.
  • Why is my piece slightly different to images on the Gift Gallery?

    Because most of our pieces are handmade, handpainted or handfinished, no two will be are the same. These variances are often what collectors enjoy, making each piece unique. I check all pieces. If I’m not happy with the glaze, colouring, tubelining or any other aspect, I return it to the craftspeople who made it.

  • I live in the Cotswolds and make things I think you’d love.

    Drop everything and email me!

  • Do you buy Moorcroft?

    We are currently looking to expand our Old Moorcroft section, and are interested in buying pieces made before 1960. Please note we only consider Moorcroft that is undamaged.

  • Do you deal in second quality pieces?

    No, never. These pieces are a poor investment and in our opinion should not be allowed on the market. Moorcroft are now openly selling second quality pieces without marking them with the customary red dot. These pieces will have little or no resale value: caveat emptor.