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Målerås Glass

Målerås Colorina


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Målerås Nordic wildlife and wonder – Swedish handmade crystal at its very best.

Cast crystal sculpture with engraved, sandblasted and handpainted subject using natural organic colours. Conscious of our environmental responsibilities, this sculpture has been hand-painted using organic colours. Each Colorina piece is signed by the designer, Mats Jonnasson.

Each Målerås piece is supplied in a gift box.

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Målerås Glass

Welcome to Målerås Glass, where the beauty of Nordic wildlife comes to life through exquisite handmade crystal glass art. Our collection features intricate designs by Mats Jonasson, each inspired by birds, wildlife and flowers from around the world, capturing the essence of nature in each unique piece.

Discover the artistry and craftsmanship that make Målerås Glass a cherished symbol of Nordic elegance and wildlife appreciation.

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