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Bronze Blackbird


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Two things struck me when I first saw Steve Boss’s solid bronze life-size Blackbird: the astonishing realism of the piece (could he have flown in from the garden while I was unwrapping other Unique bronze goodies?). The other was the sheer heft of nearly a kilo of exquisitely crafted bronze in my hand.

The next comment I heard was ‘Can we keep him? Please?’  Not from a seven-year old, but from my 65-year old husband, who, like me had taken an instant liking to this wonderfully detailed and life-like model.

Knowing that Blackbird has been made in a limited edition of just 75 pieces worldwide, my answer was a non-committal... ‘we'll see’.

The finer details:

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Unique Bronzes

Painstakingly handcrafted in solid bronze, Unique Bronzes are the work of designers Steve Boss, Muhmood Tahir, Phillip Blacker and Steve Langford.

Each Unique Bronze sculpture is signed by the artist.

All Unique Bronze material, from the bronzed used for the animals to the packaging used for the boxing, is sourced and manufactured in the UK.

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