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Saturno Silver Animals

Saturno Silver Shotgun


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We added this Saturno Silver Shotgun to our collection because it’s one of our favourite non-animal pieces. It’s a meticulously detailed miniature of a side-by-side break-action 12-gauge shotgun, with blued barrels, checkering on the stock grip and fore-end. It can even be ‘broken’! (see photos).

A wonderful gift for any shooting enthusiast, blending craftsmanship and authenticity in a beautiful display item.

Uniquely, each of our Saturno Silver pieces is individually photographed: the piece you see is the piece you will receive. All photos ©2024, Cotswold Gift Gallery.

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Saturno Silver Animals

Saturno Sterling Silver Animals are meticulously designed and exquisitely handcrafted in the heart of Tuscany, in Badia al Pino. Despite their diminutive size, these pieces boast an extraordinary level of detail and craftsmanship, imbuing them with a sense of unparalleled quality. The animal figures are often portrayed with a touch of whimsy, yet their execution remains flawlessly elegant. Consequently, they serve as perfect gifts for any occasion, guaranteed to delight and enchant their recipients.


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