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Moorcroft Pottery

Song Moon Vase 81/14

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Song Moon is a limited edition vase from Moorcroft Pottery designer Vicky Lovatt. It comes in the unusual and distinctive 81/14 shape.

‘The harvest moon, or song moon as it is sometimes known, falls in September. For centuries the song moon has shone down at a time of great activity and hard work, as the gathering of the harvest saw people pulling together to do the most important farm job of the year in the shortest possible time.

The light of the song moon extended harvesting hours and enabled people to forage in woodlands for berries and mushrooms longer into the cooling autumn evenings. Here under a canopy of trees, hidden amongst the woodland floor, wild mushrooms such as Velvet Shank and Leaf Parachute grew.  The pale song moon cast long shadows over the frosty ground, so that, in the growing twilight, trees trunks become silhouettes against the autumnal sky.’

Edited from Moorcroft’s description

Song Moon vase comes in a Limited Edition of 20.

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The finer details:

Moorcroft Pottery

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