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Moorcroft Pottery

Churnet Valley Plaque PLQ3

Churnet Valley Plaque is a 35cm tall numbered edition PLQ3 plaque by Moorcroft Pottery designer Vicky Lovatt.

‘Scattered across the Churnet Valley are wildflowers, splashing the valley floor beneath the stark outlines of the Pennines with a colourful carpet. Staring at the heavens was a mix of gentle yellow, light purple and a striking, bright blue. This was a valley to revisit and Vicky did so with both sketchbook and pencil at the ready.

The Churnet Valley is awash with wildflowers. Archangels, with their delicate, yellow hooded flowers intermingle with germander speedwell which spread into the distance their tiny, bright blue four-petalled symmetry. Beneath Vicky's feet were the small oval shaped leaves of Eyebright flowers, complete with pale petals and purple streaks and a bright yellow spot.

It was heaven on earth, with each small flower almost singing in a light summer breeze.’

An edited version of Moorcroft’s description.

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Moorcroft Pottery

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