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Moorcroft Pottery

Ampulla Vase 5/4

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Ampulla Vase 

The anointing is the most sacred part of the coronation ceremony, and takes place before the investiture and crowning. The Archbishop pours holy oil from an ampulla, into a spoon, and anoints the sovereign on the hands, chest and head. The gesture dates back to the Old Testament Book of Kings and the anointing of Solomon as King.

Reflecting a modern monarchy, the ancient recipe for the coronation anointing oil has been updated to include olive oil scented with a mix of essential oils, benzoin, cinnamon, jasmine, neroli, rose, sesame, and orange blossom. It was these coronation emblems that inspired Nicola to create a design fit for our new King. Oranges and burnished brown cinnamon sticks sit amongst white roses with soft cream shading at their centres, and small star-shaped jasmine flowers – all set against the dramatic backdrop of a classic Moorcroft dark blue ground.

The ampulla dates back to Roman time, and was a small round vessel with two handles, used for sacred purposes. Nicola wanted to emulate this ancient shape with her contemporary design and so Moorcroft’s classic twin-handled vase has been reimagined for King Charles III’s coronation on a new and smaller shape to mark this historic occasion.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description

Ampulla comes in a numbered edition.

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Moorcroft Pottery

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