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Michael Simpson Bronzes

English Bulldog Bronze Miniature


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This solid bronze miniature English Bulldog has real character. Though it isn’t as tall as a pound coin, it displays all the stubborn, pugnacious spirit for which bulldogs are renowned.

English Bulldog is designed and made by Michael Simpson. Each of his pieces is expertly crafted in wax, then cast in bronze and finished using traditional techniques of the bronze foundry.

English Bulldog is presented in a soft pouch and an attractive gift box.

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The finer details:

Michael Simpson Bronzes

The beautiful, solid bronze sculptures of Michael Simpson are produced by Richard Cooper Bronzes. His miniature models are sold under the Butler and Peach brand.

Each bronze is produced using the lost wax method. Each is then decorated and hand finished using the traditional method of patination, meaning that each piece has a unique finish.

Each comes in an attractive box.


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