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Moorcroft Pottery

Carnaby Street Plaque PLQ13

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Moorcroft Pottery’s Carnaby Street takes you back to mingle in the street’s 1966 Swinging London heyday, when it was a hotspot for alternative fashion and underground music, and where independent designers, like Mary Quant, Lord John, Merc (and the estimable former Moorcroft designer, Sally Tuffin), made a name for themselves by sharing their trailblazing visions with the world.

Bold colours of pop art and black-and-white psychedelics all melt in among a shower of Union Jacks and an iconic red double decker bus. Immersed with new cultures, exciting ‘hip’ music and a rebellious identity, there was nowhere else like it in London.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description  

Carnaby Street Plaque comes in a limited edition of 15.

The finer details:

Moorcroft Pottery

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