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Moorcroft Pottery

Iznik Vase

Designer Nicola Slaney set about to create a Moorcroft vase to showcase the true style of 16th century Iznik pottery, where shape and surface design dance in perfect harmony. Iznik was a small town in north-west Anatolia that produced  some of the most accomplished examples of Islamic pottery.

In this superb 13-inch vase, tulips, carnations, cornflowers, forget-me-nots seem to sway gently in a breeze, following the curved vase shape. A kaleidoscope of bold Iznik designs featuring plant and flower-based patterns weaves its way around the base of the vase. The colours change from coral pink and maroon carnation flowers, to Persian-style pale-blue tulips and striking yellow cornflower daisies, through a network of foliage where repeat patterns appear to be an illusion. In contrast, the neck of the vase is circled by a chain of tulips pointing towards the rim of this baluster-shaped vase, which is flagged with a symmetrical Islamic-style triangular pattern.

Adapted from Moorcroft Pottery’s description 

• The shape, the design, the colours – all are stunning on this big, bold 13-inch vase. It comes in a limited edition of 50.

All Moorcroft Pottery Limited and Numbered editions are signed in full by the designer.

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Moorcroft Pottery

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