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Moorcroft Pottery

Vendace Vase M1/6

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The fish depicted in Moorcroft Pottery designer Kerry Goodwin’s Vendace Vase are a relic of the last ice age, with only four native populations ever having been recorded at two lochs in Scotland, at Bassenthwaite Lake and at Derwent Water in Cumbria. Sadly, those in the Scottish lochs are now extinct and vendace were last recorded in Bassenthwaite Lake in 2014, after being thought to be ‘locally extinct’ since they were last recorded in 2001.

Those in Derwent Water appear to be the strongest hope that the UK has for this fish’s survival. Vendace are a member of the salmon family and have the same characteristic fan, and can weigh up to a kilo, and the three-mile-long lake, surrounded by the protecting fells and woodland, is a haven for this rare freshwater fish.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description

Vendace Vase comes in a limited edition of 20.

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Moorcroft Pottery

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