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Water Vole Haven Plaque PLQ11

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With an awareness that Water Voles are a flagship species, RSPB Rainham Marshes have worked hard to create the highest density of voles in the United Kingdom. By protecting the habitats that Water Voles rely on, they have also helped a wealth of other wetland species to survive: truly a Water Vole Haven.

Along the water’s edge, dense green swathes of reeds sway in the summer breeze. Above their rustle and hiss, Curlews sing as damselflies and butterflies provide colour over the mud and sand. Moorcroft Pottery designer Kerry Goodwin takes us from the feathery margins of low-lying Thames River floodplains into the heart of this wetland reserve, with a curious little Water Vole clutching the reeds.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description

The Water Vole Haven Plaque comes in a numbered edition.

The finer details: