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Moorcroft Pottery

Four Seasons Vase

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The Four Seasons Vase

‘As spring emerges, migrating geese arrive safely home as the wood begins to transform into shades of green, and warm clementine-coloured crocuses, pale daffodils and delicate, brilliant-white snowdrops and lily of the valley bring the earth to life.

The sun beats down across summer fields and woodland with amethyst-coloured hosta, sweet pea and jasmine in the foreground.

The amber-red thickets of autumn show spires of tubular, cheerful Michaelmas daisies, pale fuchsias tinged with magenta-pink and Chinese dogwood.

Winter reveals frost-covered branches and snow-clad meadow contesting against burgundy-red hellebore, the ruffled blooms of wild cyclamen and brandy-tinged fairy primroses and Monkswood.’

Adapted from Moorcroft Pottery’s description

• This joyful, intricate celebration of the seasons from incomparable Moorcroft designer Paul Hilditch is an important work. At 16 inches (40cm) it’s a powerful statement piece that would work very well at the centre of a dining table – or as the heart of a display cabinet. I love this vase and intend to purchase one for my own collection.


All Moorcroft Pottery Limited and Numbered editions are signed in full by the designer.


The finer details:

Moorcroft Pottery

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