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Moorcroft Pottery

Winter Vase 121/14

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Moorcroft Pottery designer Nichola Slaney found the perfect inspiration for Winter Vase in William Morris’s ‘Snakehead’ fabric (1876), which is imbued with crisp, vibrant, contrasting reds and blues. In Nicola’s piece a golden flower glides up the slender, perfectly proportioned 14-inch vase, while white lilies, decorated with myriad freehand painted tiny dots, provide a three-dimensional vista, alive with colour and movement.

With hints of paisley patterns, blue tear-drop flowers dance up to the lip of the vase as cherry, icy-blue and delicate amber blooms swoon before the lily, which moves side-to-side as if following a snake-charmer’s flute.

Edited from Moorcroft’s description  

Winter Vase comes in a limited edition of 15. 

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Moorcroft Pottery

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