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Moorcroft Pottery

La Vague Vase 64/20

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La Vague 64/20 vase by Moorcroft Pottery designer Nicola Slaney.

La Vague was inspired by a stained-glass window in the home of Art Nouveau architect Paul Saintenoy, built in 1872. The window shows a woman emerging from the centre of a swell of Japanese-style waves. Called ‘La Vague’ (The Wave), the window refers to the print The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai, in which a huge wave bears down on three boats.

Nicola Slaney wanted to create a prestigious piece as part of the Art Nouveau Collection. Around the base of her 20-inch vase, a woman emerges from the sea, her hair adorned with seashells and seaweed. Above her is the sea itself, leading the eye to a sky infused with a soft, golden glow as the evening sun sets.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description

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