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Moorcroft Pottery

Victorian Periwinkle Planter 530/6

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Victorian Periwinkle Planter 530/6 by Moorcroft Pottery designer Nicola Slaney.

‘Inspired by Caroline Applebee’s watercolours of varieties of periwinkle in blooms of blue, mauve and white with a flushed cotton-pink bud, Moorcroft Pottery designer Nicola Slaney sought to harness these beautiful Victorian colour complexities.

As it is a trailing plant, the periwinkle is a perfect subject for a Moorcroft planter. Yellow-green foliage rambles in a fanfare of tints and shades of colourful blooms and buds: lavender-blue to dark periwinkle; maroon hues of chestnut, fire-brick red to calamine-pink, all contrast against a flurry of the white periwinkle stars nestled between the foliage.

The result is a planter defined by the rich colours of the Victorian age that came from new painting, printing and dying techniques, including the new, jewel-like qualities of William Moorcroft’s ceramics. Previously, colours were created from vegetable-based dyes, resulting in more earthy hues or more muted ceramic glazes for all but the most wealthy people.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description  

Victorian Periwinkle Planter comes in a Limited Edition of 25

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Moorcroft Pottery

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