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Moorcroft Pottery

Amber Eyes Vase 9/9

Amber Eyes vase by Vicky Lovatt

‘Cheetahs occupy a curious place in the human imagination. Beautiful and exotic, sports-car fast yet famously languid, the darlings of filmmakers and advertisers the world over, they are as much media stars as they are denizens of the wild.

But Moorcroft Pottery designer Vicky Lovatt is a wildlife enthusiast, so her art comes from a place of genuine adoration and affection. Emphasising their slender feline shape, her cheetahs are mirrored  pairs, their forms reinforcing the elegance of the svelte nine-inch vase. Surrounding patterns hint at their natural environment – the African baobab tree, mountain tops and palm leaves.

This stunning design, suitable for a modern interior, captures a moment of calm framed softly in teal, blue and ochre, before Amber Eyes flash and the world’s fastest land mammal takes off into the night.’

Based on Moorcroft’s description

Amber Eyes comes as a Numbered Edition.

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