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Moorcroft Pottery

A Jar of Nuthatches Vase 120/16

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A Jar of Nuthatches Vase

A lone nuthatch points its beak into the air as he perches on the finial of a wrought iron gate. Behind him, a straight path and manicured hedge leads to the façade of a sleepy red-bricked house. Above, streaked silver birch twist and curl as if defying the clean architectural lines, and mimic the black-capped and white breasted markings of the Nuthatch. Below, a mouse can be seen scurrying into a thicket of ripe, plump blackberries.

In Moorcroft Pottery designer Paul Hilditch’s inimitable style, the detail in this design is alluring. On another side, a pair of Nuthatches take centre stage as they peck into the blackberry thicket, balancing on the wrought iron rail heads. Paul positions the birds to ensure that their nut-brown plumage is given prominence, echoing the hues within the bricks of the house itself.

Adapted from Moorcroft’s description 

A Jar of Nuthatches comes in a Limited Edition of 25

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Moorcroft Pottery

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