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Moorcroft Pottery

Moonlit Seas Vase 95/10

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Moonlit Seas Vase 95/10 from Moorcroft Pottery designer Rachel Bishop depicts a barn owl at night in the wooded Bempton Cliffs, framed by a full moon reflected in the sea. It’s part of Moorcroft Pottery’s Bempton Cliffs Seafarers collection.

Here’s Moorcroft’s description, slightly edited:

‘A lack of good places to nest is one of the reasons we are seeing fewer barn owls gliding silently over our fields these days. So the RSPB team at Bempton Cliffs were delighted to discover that barn owls had taken up residence in one of their special nest boxes. They were even more excited when the owls managed to fledge chicks.

The elation of this moment is captured here, as a lone barn owl soars over the moonlit, silvery sea. The owl silently floats, with its broad brilliant-white, six-foot wingspan and moon face, within the sphere of the full moon. Light and shadows ripple over the water in this atmospheric twilight world of Moonlit Seas.’ which we would add that the outstretched wings of the owl achieve an elegant, striking symmetry on this outstanding 10-inch vase.

Moonlit Seas Vase comes in a numbered edition. See also its companion Moonlit Seas plaque.

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