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Michael Simpson Bronzes

Best Friends Bronze

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Michael Simpson’s solid bronze Best Friends shows an affectionate moment between two young elephants. From his catalogue description:

This endearing moment captures sibling closeness when one calf seeks re-assurance from the other. They stand quietly, touching their trunks and forehead somehow knowing that comfort is needed. Often their tails will wag like a dog at the same time- another sign for happiness.

Produced in a limited edition of 150 by Richard Cooper Bronzes, each bronze sculpture is made by the lost wax method, and is hand finished using the traditional technique of patination.

Each sculpture comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity, indicating the number of the piece in its production run.

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Michael Simpson Bronzes

The beautiful, solid bronze sculptures of Michael Simpson are produced by Richard Cooper Bronzes. His miniature models are sold under the Butler and Peach brand.

Each bronze is produced using the lost wax method. Each is then decorated and hand finished using the traditional method of patination, meaning that each piece has a unique finish.

Each comes in an attractive box.


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