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Habrat Glass Studio

Polar Bear Gold (s)

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This Polar Bear (small size) by Habrat Glass Studio is designed by Maciej Habrat.

Hand made by the fused glass process, this cute bear’s feet are adorned with flecks of 24-carat gold.

This glass Polar Bear stands around 6½ inches tall.


Each of our Habrat pieces comes in an attractive gift box.

The finer details:

Habrat Glass Studio

We discovered Habrat Glass Studio on a trip to Europe and immediately fell in love with these quirky, amusing little birds and animals. They’re well made, quality pieces and come in gorgeous, luminous colours.

Designed and hand made by the Polish-born artist Maciej Habrat, each figure is created by sprinkling different coloured powdered glasses onto float glass in a mould, then fusing them in a kiln. Hence no two pieces are ever identical, and each is unique.

Some Habrat models are made that extra bit special by fusing 24-carat gold into the glass.

We hope you enjoy our Habrat Glass collection.

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