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Gwen Vaughan Animals

Mr Mole (grey jumper)


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Mr Mole is hand made by Gwen Vaughan. Gwen has also knitted him a grey jumper for cool evenings.

This ceramic Mole is one of a collection of animals figures handmade by Gwen Vaughan.  Each is unique, and full of loveable, quirky character.

Please note we have one only of this model.

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The finer details:

Gwen Vaughan Animals

We adore these warm-hearted ceramic figures by Gwen Vaughan. No two are alike and some come with their own sweater or neckerchief, specially made by Gwen.

We keep a range of Gwen’s pieces, but each is painstakingly hand made: hence we usually only carry one of each animal.


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Gwen Vaughan Animals