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Moorcroft Pottery

Churnet’s Common Blue Vase 159/8

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Churnet’s Common Blue Vase is an eight-inch limited edition vase by Moorcroft Pottery designer Vicky Lovatt.

‘Peering through the rough grass of the Pennines, Vicky Lovatt was more than content with her friendly bee and a fleeting glimpse of a Common Blue butterfly, but it was the selection of meadow flowers which made Vicky smile, doubly so when she found that her walk was dressed with tufts of crested dogtail grass, soft pink knapweed and tiny yellow tormentil flowers. In no time, Vicky was sketching a meadow design on her favourite 159/8 shape.’

An edited version of Moorcroft’s description.

Churnet’s Common Blue Vase comes in a limited edition of 25 We have one piece only in stock.

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