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Canterbury Bears

Cedric Bear

Cedric Bear is made from 100% pure off-white curly mohair. The fabric is luxuriously thick and soft to the touch. He has cream Ultrasuede pads, paws and inner ears. He has shiny black safety-locking eyes and a black woollen hand embroidered nose and eyebrows. He is fully jointed with our own hand-stamped wooden joints, and is soft filled with pure white polyester fibre.

Cedric wears a detachable olive green fully lined ultrasuede coat with an antique button fastening.



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Canterbury Bears

Canterbury Bears create some of the most loveable, characterful teddy bears (and animals) we have ever seen. Hand made in the UK using sustainable materials, and crafted using traditional techniques, these are true heirloom bears that can last for generations.

Because they are hand made, no two Canterbury Bears can ever be identical. So the bear you choose will be uniquely your bear. We photograph each bear individually for this reason.


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